Delta of the Deserts

In the digital era of mp3s and Social Media, the myth of rock stars lives on.

Delta of the Deserts is the story of three rock bands on the verge of something bigger than success: the ultimate choice. Who they want to be. Who they are. Who they were.

Constantly struggling with their future, haunted by their past, these characters live on a daily basis, following stressful schedules, wondering why everything feels so futile, sharing the desert of their loneliness.

There’s a desert in their hearts. All deserts seem infinite. Infinitely hot during the day, and cold, at night. But the deposit between diverging deserts is a place where old friends, rivals and lovers might run into each other again. And so the story begins.

Delta of the Deserts is an ongoing project. Complex. Long. Strenuous. But also rewarding.

While working on it we have decided to release tiny bits of the story, featuring some of the characters involved in the wider cycle, to tame our own impatience and release some of the tension.

To make it clear that those bits are just part of a bigger whole, being released like vibes in the night, musical impressions and visions conveying emotions and shades, we have called them “Heartbeats”.

Heartbeats from Delta of the Deserts:

Casscomics #4: HEATWAVE


Casscomics #7:                           TOTAL ARTIFICIAL HEARTS