A radio opera; a concept album about different characters discussing the failure of communication and being outsiders. It’s about consecutiveness of reactions and the attempt at creating empathy. The complex narrative thread, made of juxtaposed and superimposed excerpts of simultaneous conversations between various characters is interrupted by “songs”, which act as comments ex-tempore. Concrete soundscapes and intimate ones lead the listener in and out of the mind of the characters, and the diversity of music genres that merge into this album matches the multifaceted narration.
As in today’s life, memory and reality are almost indistinguishable. Creation and its reproduction coexist.

Ellis is a seemingly superficial young adult who messes around without consciousness and still cannot find a way out to her personal problems.
Her voyage through a night into the next day in a big city which never sleeps is intertwined with various encounters, memories of therapy sessions, conversations from dinner parties taking place at the same time in other rooms, mingling in a non-linear radio opera, summing up the sense of discomfort coming from maimed interactions.


1-At Jackie’s
2-Ellis Through the Looking Glass
3-Have You Ever Seen a Therapist Before?
4-When Apples Battle Gravity
5-In the Midnight Sun of an Empty Mind
6-All That Seems to Matter
8-Be More Specific
9-The Mountain Is a Pile of Sand
10-But It Shouldn’t Become Comfortable
11-It’s Too Sad (Hope Is the Rope With Which I Am Hanging Myself)
13-Modern Risk
14-Oh, but You Break My Heart
15-Raped by Satellites
16-Out There
17-This Very Gap

CREDITS Released September 4, 2017 (digital) / June 1, 2018 (analogue) – All Songs written & produced by Alnico 2 Martha Agostini / Olivia Agostini © 2017 Alnico 2 – Tracks 1, 2, 14 and 16 were recorded at Massive Arts Studios, Milan, by Adel Al Kassem. Tracks 4 and 9 were recorded at Massive Arts Studios, Milan, by Rowan Smy. Track 5 was recorded at Tricone Studios, Berlin, by Rowan Smy. All other tracks were recorded by Alnico 2 at Super-Sessions, Berlin, and in the cities of New York, Berlin and Milano. All tracks were mixed by Adel Al Kassem, at Massive Arts Studios, Milano. Mastered by Alberto Cutolo, at Massive Arts Studios, Milano. Art by Alnico 2 Alnico 2 is: Martha Agostini = vocals, piano, synthesizers, violoncello, small percussions & drums / Olivia Agostini = vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass, small percussions & drums