It’s Just Us Starving in the Land of Plenty

Or, a reflection on the human condition in the era of a globalization devoid of any cultural meaning.

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The first issue we have released – also known as “Casscomics #1” – which marked the beginning of our production (Aug. 2015), is the eponymous concept album, in which are told – in quite a dysfunctional way – the adventures and misadventures of a group of expats in Berlin, present day.

What these characters share is the big void of the new millennium. The strange – sometimes exotic, mostly frightening – feeling of being constantly misplaced, unreachable and unreached.

cover_BANDCAMP copia
It’s Just Us Starving in the Land of Plenty (Album Cover)
- Casscomics #1 "IT'S JUST US STARVING IN THE LAND OF PLENTY" (C-40, 44 pages, colour): Interlocking stories unfolding in a nonlinear way, about several characters connected by disorientation, desolation, isolation, mystification, starvation, alienation, hallucination, transformation and 

Following the album production and release, it became clear to us that we were still too involved with the characters from that cycle to part ways with them. That’s how we decided to retell the story of “It’s Just Us Starving in the Land of Plenty” in a more narrative way, going back to the initial idea of making a  real graphic novel of it.

The first chapters are now being released as b&w zines – in a very underground way – as “Narrative Footnotes” to the album.

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