BATTITI (02/07/2018)

Alnico 2 songs “When Apples Battle Gravity” and “Ellis Through the Looking Glass” were played on the radio show Battiti” on Rai Radio 3. They also talked about Casscomics issue #6, the limited edition “surprise box” of “When Apples Battle Gravity”.

BATTITI (24/06/2016)

Alnico 2 songs “Approval” and “Heatwave” were played on the radio show Battiti” on Rai Radio 3. They also talked about Casscomics.

Listen HERE from 46:31


And now from Berlin: Alnico 2, a very very interesting project which sees two artists combining music with comics. Electric guitar & bass, electrified cello – with no bow –, piano, keyboards, vocals and drums…. switching instruments. Alnico 2 created & released a series of cassettes with their music combined with their comic zines. In short, a terrific self-production: acid, dark. A production that is called “Casscomics”. And so, let’s listen to Alnico 2, now, in the night of Radio 3, starting with the beats – I daresay quite “rough” – of “Approval”. Alnico 2: (song follows).

“It’s Just Us Starving in the Land of Plenty”: Olivia & Martha Agostini a.k.a Alnico 2. And, like I said, they’re based in Berlin. Their music, their concept albums, are built on this dense texture of sounds that accompanies also their art in the comics, and the videos they create and project during their live performances.

“It’s Just Us Starving In The Land of Plenty”: this is the metaphor told in the eponymous work about the desolation and isolation of a certain kind of metropolitan life, we believe, consisting of alienation, too, but where there’s also room for love for those able to find it.

It’s a series of colourful music cassettes – the one we’re holding in our hands right now is red & black. It’s entitled “Heatwave”. It’s some sort of a single… it’s conceived as a single, indeed, with one song per side.

The colours are softer and Rock becomes song, here. With “Heatwave”, Alnico 2: (song follows).

“Heatwave”: the fourth Berlin issue from Casscomics, Alnico 2, the project created by Olivia & Martha Agostini. A project involving and revolving around music and comics, where we can perceive this strong creative urgency that manifests itself also in the music, a music where there’s also some vibes à la Television, if you like, like in this piece we’ve just listened to and enjoyed together.

It seems to us that Alnico 2 music is built exactly like this, around this sound richness only apparently simple. Sound textures that sometimes result more infected sometimes more relaxed, but which are always very nocturnal, very interesting.]