Roxy Doom


ROXY DOOM – a musical saga about the 1990s.

Ah, but those were the ’90s! When you didn’t need to say the 1990s. The millenium bug was still hiding in the back of people’s mind and everything felt fresh and – somehow – possible.

California, Present Day.

Music Journalist Travis Travis is hired by celeb Roxy Dunn – aka Roxy Doom, formerly known as the Queen of Rock – to help her pen her long-awaited memoirs.

Travis will soon get lost in Roxy’s world of oblique truths and straight lies, trying to close the doors left open in her past, and reboot the Xers still existing behind the cloud of contemporary Twitterers.

With Roxy Doom we are reinventing the 1990s. Creating a series of characters who never existed and a series of events that never took place, in order to swipe away the dust from the spirit of a decade that ran the risk of changing our contemporary World but ended up leading to the victory of Technology and Social Networks.

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